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2018 The Side Guy


Q: How much time should I book?

A: For the best answer, call our staff and provide us with some details. The minimum booking is two hours. Keep in mind that some factors such as stairs, service elevators, parking location and weather may require extra time.


Q: When does the clock start?

A: The clock starts when the crew arrives at your location. If you are loading and unloading, the clock does not stop during drive time.


Q: What if I would like to book extra time on the day of the move?

A: Depending on our schedule for the day, this may or may not be a possibility.


Q: Is a down payment required?

A:  Yes. First hour’s payment is due upon booking.


Q: Does the Side Guy provide the truck?

A: No, we provide moving labor.


Q: When will I hear from my movers?

A: You will hear from your movers when they are en route to your location. If for any reason they suspect they will be running late, they will inform you ASAP.


Q: Will the movers hook up/unhook appliances?

A: No, our movers stick with moving them.


Q: Can your crew drive my moving truck?

A: Our crew will not drive your moving truck.


Q: Will my belongings be protected on the truck/storage?

A: We highly recommend that you purchase or rent pads/blankets, rope/ratchet straps or plastic wrap when loading items. Our crew will be happy to secure your items and load them as safely as possible.

Q: What should I do with very fragile/breakable items?

A: While our movers take care in loading/unloading your things, we suggest that precious cargo be transported in your vehicle. If this is not an option, be sure to let them know if anything needs extra special care.